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About Charles H. Carver

Art, Science, Philosophy

The natural world lives through us and we according to its formative hand. Here, beneath interpretation and judgement; beneath true or false: a world coalesces in the living senses from a horizon we can only belatedly ill-conceive.   (C.H.Carver)

Eye and Mind Studio

Anxious-Buddha is a production of Eye-and-Mind Studio. This site houses a small sampling of the fine art, illustration and writing of artist Charles H. Carver. Alternatively, proceed to the 'Commercial' link for logo, branding and identity development services.

Fine-Art Background 

Charles Carver started his career straddling the worlds of art and science. His digital art grew out of early experiences participating in laboratory science and scientific visual communication in neuroscience, which led to further experimentation with the digital environment and the philosophical basis of perception itself.



Charles H Carver is an award-winning digital artist. His work has been featured in the book Secrets of Award-Winning Digital Artists, Digital Fine Art Magazine, Black and White magazine, and has been shown in the United States, Australia, Europe and Russia through selection into an elite group of digital artists through International Digital Art Awards, Seybold Seminars Digital Art Awards and MacWorld Digital Art contests. His work investigates the dynamic relationships that unfold in object-rich environments during the selection of form and meaning. Coherent figures, scenes, and situations are emergent features that first reside in pools of potential meaning and form. Even simple perceptions must unfold over time to achieve stability. That is the process of real perception and the perception of the real. There is no shuttling of ready-made forms into our head during sense perception. Rather, there are dynamic and creative processes of selection and form presentation that adhere to the meanings that we supply.