Humans are said to be the "Symbolic Species" because we easily jump into the sphere of thought as opposed to mentally residing in the environmental/perceptual world in front of us to a greater degree. We launch into future scenarios and interpretations of the past quite readily. Speech, however, and in particular, the shared participation of emotions exchanged in an authentic dance of a feeling-based dialogue, remains as magical as the very first words ever uttered. With the right participants and in the right dialogue, it is like music.


Word Up was originally inspired by a musician friend who had the capacity to express a beautiful range and depth of emotions while experimenting with word-play and gestural and traditional rhythms, as if they were speech. By contrast, visual representations often appear "mediated" relative to the direct mediacy that music invites us to participate in. Still, the capacity for music comes from a similar place as that shared dialogue and language of: feelings. We should discover ways to tap into that source more often.

Word Up
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