In the first short, we'll start our Pop Goes The Culture series by following our "well heeled" protagonist into a musical dialogue. In this series, she is emblematic for the development of culture and, of course, pop culture. This notion is more important in other shorts in this series (Cowboy's & Engines), but all of the animations present characters, situations, or spoofed themes as secondary to and emergent from a far more primary spatial background that is nondescript, yet full of potential. It is that "uncommitted" background with a dynamic capacity to emerge a host of characters and situations that is the real subject matter presented. There is no profound story other than the nascent drama of participating in the development of an actualized perceptual momentum, and therefore an open-ended situation for perceptual meanings to consolidate and stabilize, as opposed to the notion that visual perception is merely a recording of objects and environments that are already pre-packaged and ready for transmission.

Pop Goes The Culture:
Musical Score
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