The history of art is replete with images of naked bathers (often women). Here, our Pop Goes the Culture theme continues where we left off following Cowboy Culture and Consumption Culture, with food-form characters and environments rendered in relationships that are somewhere between the stable landscape and characters of Cezanne, and the flat, fluid, decorative forms of Matisse. One of the food-form characters peers deeply into a well with a sense of transfixion. In the setting, the moon is just another form in the dancers' midst, equally as temporary to the senses as a food source to be consumed. The dancers create an overall impression somewhere between rhythmic and profound, or perhaps, mere "eye candy" for a rapid and unthinking swipe. You choose.


Note: Unfortunately it also has to be stated that there are no implied messages or judgements regarding artists from other eras and their gender-dominant views in this image, particularly if their work was engaged in serious investigations of perceptual relationships, as opposed to an allegedly blind depiction of their overt, or even unaware drives and biases. It is my view that there are trajectories of that discussion that are exceedingly valid, but it remains a separate discussion from this particular composition. Moreover, even "unaware motives" should not be placed on past or current artists by individuals who are simply engaged in ad-hoc psychologizing about alleged motives at play unbeknownst to the artist.

Moon Bathers
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