Cowboys & Engines

Boys and their toys. This lucky dude gets to bust out a classic Indian motorcycle, but can he handle it? The road, which is the road to culture, is quite tricky. It takes nuance and not just power. Will his own engine, or rather, the engine of his will, escape unharmed?


Part 1 makes a specific reference to our protagonist "she" again. The animation is rhythmic and fun. The theme, however, is entrenched in technical interpretations at play in artificial intelligence theories and some schools of cognitive science. It involves descriptions and theories that emphasize the dismissal of free will, volition, and even consciousness as "unreal" — along with the organizing notion that sexual selection is/was the "real driver" of cultural development.

Part 2 recaps the tempo to describe how our sense of volition is said to be but an 'epiphenomenon' by these theories. It is a kind of exhaust that comes out of the engine after the real work has been done not merely pre-consciously, but ultimately and always unconsciously (thus denying consciousness in a round about way, and not just our interpretations of it). These themes are no longer bandied about in small corners of university philosophy departments. They lie at the heart of even some modern technical initiatives and technical philosophies.

If these themes are devoid of interest to you, simply skip Part 2 but check out Part 1 simply because its a fun ride.

Cowboys & Engines Pt.1
Cowboys & Engines Pt.2
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