Cowboy Will

In this little short, the table is set and bountiful enough for a larger than life character with a cowboy's will. Cowboy Will is not Buster Scruggs but he does like to dance. His booty is said to be of mythical proportions, but the goddess Persephone occupied the land before him and she has her own desires. Will he abide?


Again, the real drama of the presentation is at the level of a lingering development of perception, where truth & falsehood, coherence & incoherence, judgement & values have no voice just yet, because the development of a perceptual situation is still in the process of unfolding its objects and situations to the senses. Despite this state, it is incorrect to say that naive perception is meaningless. It is the foundation of meaning. Even sense perception eventually participates in a cyclical dialogue and formative creation: that between sense and thought. But of course... the ego has its own demands; sense and thought are but the forgotten and unquestionable prelude to its drama.

Cowboy Will
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